Around the web | 1

I have a feeling that like me you’ve recently found yourself on your phone, or other internet connected device, looking for anything to entertain you and take your mind of the situation at present. I thought it would be fun to make a little selection each week highlighting things I have found “around the web” that might be of interest to others.

  • Laurel Bristow, @kinggutterbaby, on instagram. I happened upon Laurel’s instagram quite by chance after seeing her mentioned by the bloggers Young House Love. I’m so glad I checked her out. A heads up, this kinda doesn’t fall in the *taking your mind off COVID* category, but I think her approach is really good for keeping a more relaxed perspective on it all. I for one have been feeling WAY LESS worried since following. She is an Infectious Disease Researcher working on studies at Emory Hospital (Atlanta, USA) who gives really clear and well researched information about all things COVID and disease. At a time where the information disiminated from governments, newsagencies and social media can be really hard to comprehend because the information is reported with little time for explanations for us “common folk” it is nice to have someone who understands the science explain, in a concise way, what some of all the terminology and studies mean.
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