Thoughts | Walking around London

Photograph of the redevelopment of the Coal Drops Yard in London. In view are two old victorian buildings formerly used for storage of produce that came into London on trains. Architect Thomas Heatherwick has created a roof structure that combine the two structures while creating a space between the two buildings by bringing the roofline up between the two buildings in an organic fashion rather than a conventional triangular roof. The shape sort of resemble the shape pages in a book take when its opened in the middle and the pages are held softly at either side.

Finally found a quiet moment to sit down and write another post. In between assignments at the moment, so here goes…

There is nothing like London to fight away those January blues, even if it shows itself primarily from its grey, cloudy and rainy side – there is simply too many great things to do and see to worry about that. After my time on Hampstead Heath I spend the rest of the day walking around London with an old friend, we managed to walk some 25 km before it was time to part ways. It might seem like a long walk, but to be honest it is rather business-as-usual for a day in London for me. I love walking around London with no real goal in sight, just exploring.

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Thoughts | A misty morning on Hampstead Heath

I’m in London for a few days visiting family and meeting with friends. The January Blues came knocking this past week, so decided to spend the morning in nature to try and clear my head a bit. It’s been misty and wet all morning, but as I write this sitting on bench practically alone in this part of Hampstead Heath the sun is fighting to shine through the clouds. The birds are chirping away and it’s hard to believe that this is London, a city with millions of residents and yet only a few dozens of people have walked past where I’m sitting.

January blues are the worst, one moment you’re fine – hell I felt finally on top of the world in the first two weeks of the year – the next everything is annoying and unimportant. In my quest for self discovery I wonder though if this years blues might be tied to my worries and annoyance at not being able to identify what area of museum studies I want to explore for my dissertation, the knowledge that in a few short weeks teaching is over and it’s time to start preparing for what will come next, having to find out where to move to when teaching ends, hoping to find placement that I’ll find fulfilling… oh yeah and an essay due in next week..

I’m sure there’s a whole lot more on my list, but for now I’ll take a deep breath, listen to the wind and birds in the trees around me and try to recharge my batteries. After all, when life hands you lemons – make lemonade..

Featured photograph by Sasha Andersen of a view of Hampstead Heath.